New Bike, hobby.

so I’ve been wanting to get a road bike for quite sometime now but wondered if it would end up like my mountain bike collecting cobwebs in the shed! 

But after chatting with my dad (a keen road cyclist) he said I should sell my mountain bike and put the money towards a road bike. I figured that was a good idea, then at least I’ll be making space for the new one by getting rid of the old one. I pretty much had my heart set on one in a local shop run by a guy we know, I’d been and checked it out months ago but then things came up that were more important as usual! 

So I posted my mountain bike for sale on GumTree as its free, and got lots of interest, I sold it in a week or so! 

Then I’ve had to wait a week for my road bike to be ordered, but it was ready to pick up on Friday, I was so excited! I took it out for a little ride down the sea front to the pub, it’s much different to what I’m used to riding but I loved it! It must be in my blood the love for bicycles, myself and billy have 5 between us in our house! 

So tomorrow hopefully if I get cracking with my project I’m doing in the house on my time off, I’ll head out the the Lincolnshire wolds early and get a good ride in.

Here’s a picture of the beauty, it only an entry level road bike but I think it feels light and comfortable in the saddle, and it’s my favourite colour! 



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