First proper ride on my roadie

I had to drag myself out of bed today when billy got up for work, it is my last day off for 7 days, I’ve had a whole 2 weeks off and it’s just flown by so I wanted to make the most of my last day of freedom before the 5am starts hit me like a sledge hammer! 

So I headed out on my road bike as early as possible, I went out to the Lincolnshire wolds which luckily is only 10 minutes on my bike outside our town.

It was a little windy but so peaceful, I picked a route with a pretty steep hill for my first ride but I think all the spinning classes paid off, I dug deep and made it to the top in one attempt. The view at the top made up for it, I could see the the river Humber it was beautiful! 

In total I did 25 miles and got a top speed down hill of 28.6 mph, I was impressed by that! 

View from the top! 


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