Friday Surf

Helli there, I didn’t get round to writing about our road trip on Friday to York to get a bike rack for Billy’s van, oh it just keeps getting better, now we can take our bicycles away with us 😁 bring on Cornwall in a few weeks time! 

So on the way out of town to get the rack we saw a friend of ours and he informed us whilst travelling at about 60mph on a duel carriage way that there was a wave on the surf forecast! 

In true die hard fashion we did a U turn and loaded up the van with our surf gear and started our journey again! We went from York to Scarborough via a pub for grub, on arrival at North Bay there was defiantly a wave, if maybe a little small, but I was secretly happy because I only like little waves! 

After we had been in the water a while billy came over and offered to push me in a few unbroken waves, I loved it, got on a few knee high peelers and had a good laugh at the same time, perfect in my eyes! Billy was a little disappointed in the lack of size but hey ho, better than no surf I say! 



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